Sweet cravings


So you want something sweet. What do you do. Other then the obvious choice of fruit you can have graham crackers. Check to make  sure you get a brand with no animal products. Graham crackers have lots of fiber. Add some peanut butter for a protein and sweet snack.


Morning routine


My morning is different then most. I have a sixteen year old miniature dachshund. He has no schedule. Whenever he wants to get up he does and gets me up with him. That is usually around 4 o’clock. Then the routine starts. He goes out to do his morning business. As I open the door a feral cat comes running in. He walks thru the house and waits at the back door for me to let  him out and give him and his siblings morning treats. They have lived here since they were  born, 4 years ago. They are tamer then when they were kittens. If you have food you are allowed to pet them. If no food they run. Then it is time for feeding the dog and two cats that live in the house. After that the day starts.

I live in a small beach town. In the winter it is a charming town like you see in magazines, but come summer the populations swells. To walk on the beach without crowds you need to be up early. One of the things that I said I wanted to do when I retired was walk on the beach. The beach allows you to rejuvenate . As soon as I get to the beach I start to relax. I walk very slowly looking for treasure, Mostly sea glass, shells and small pebbles. If you can take a walk on the beach. You will be glad you did.



Another breakfast


Today I had oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins. Any type of oatmeal would work, Try quick cook, regular or even instant. Cook per directions add whatever topping you want and enjoy a heart healthy breakfast that is plant based.

Today is a slow day. Watching TV, making soup and baking bread. I used recipes from the internet. That’s all for now.



I retired in October 2014. Time is flying. We have taken 3 trips to Florida, 1 to WILLIAMSBERG, Virginia and 1 to Tennessee. We don’t vacation any more because we are always on vacation.

The trick to traveling when you have pets and can’t take them with you. Get someone you trust to stay with them. My sister in law stays at our house while we are away. She brings her cat Sam with her so she has her hands full with my dog and 2 cats. Sometimes she feeds the feral cats if my neighbor is away also.

I remember people saying that when you retire you spend your time going to doctors. That is true of us. between myself, my husband, sister in law and mother we spend time in the doctors every month. So part of this blog will be on eating to keep you healthy. I will be talking about a lot of plant based foods.

Today lets talk some options for breakfast. Simple cereal is a good choice. Use a plant based milk such as soy or almond. This will keep the fat and calorie count down. Have a piece of fruit or have it for a snack.  More choices to come.

Learning to blog


Setting up the blog is very challenging. I need to read more of the help screens. Every time I try to do something I mess it up. Well this is what this site is to be about. Getting through the challenges and doing new things. So I want to add pictures so I started with the gravitar. First nothing loaded. Then I tried again and no picture was shone. Now I am waiting but something makes me think that this is just going to be connected to my email. The worst thing is I can’t remember where I was reading how to do this. Another trial of aging.  Image

Mother’s Day


Had a great mother’s day with my son, daughter-in-law and grandkids. That is one thing that I want to do when I retire. Spend more time with them. I have put the job before them before but will not be doing that anymore.